RDHM building works update | What you need to know

A range of exciting changes are underway at RDHM to improve your experience. The RDHM Ground Floor redevelopment will see the foyer transform into a modern space with a more welcoming environment for all visitors.

What changes are happening?

Builders have constructed hoardings (that look like boards or fencing) in areas where demolition and construction will take place. All work will happen behind the hoardings and whole sections of the building will be blocked off and under cover.

Where is the Emergency Triage area?

You can now find the Emergency Triage area upstairs at the Level 1 Reception Desk. You can take the lift or the stairs up to Level 1.

Will it be safe?

Yes, patient safety will remain paramount. The construction of the hoardings will ensure that these areas are off-limits and will allow for demolition, construction, and all related building changes to safely take place behind the barriers.

Will disabled parking be available?

Yes. Disabled parking continues to be available for our patients. Parking is with entry and exit via Swanston Street only.

What else do I need to know when I visit RDHM?

Work on a temporary entrance is currently underway. The main building works will then commence as follows:

  • most of the Ground Floor will be blocked off by hoardings, except for a thoroughfare that will run from the temporary entrance through to the lift lobby
  • the Ground Floor public toilets, Parents’ Room, Changing Place and staff toilets near the lifts will remain open

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