The Periodontal department provides diagnosis, prevention and treatment of simple to severe periodontal (gum) disease .

Clinical criteria:

  • localised/generalised pocket of depth of > 5mm
  • attachment loss of > 5mm
  • furcation involvement
    • any dramatic changes in gingival contour and texture or pocket depth
    • excessive bleeding gums (e.g. blood on pillow) and presence of attachment loss (pockets)
  • multiple/isolated periodontal abscess formation
  • drifting or mobile permanent teeth
  • recession defects where there is an increase in recession or a major aesthetic problem noted over professional review of 6 months
  • a family history of severe or very early periodontal disease, including Aggressive Periodontitis and patient displays attachment loss on several teeth of 5mm or more
  • medically compromised patients e.g. following transplant, with diabetes, etc. and patient displays attachment loss of more than 5mm

AND the following mandatory criteria for all patients:

  • demonstrated ability to maintain oral hygiene with a plaque score < 15% (shown in a minimum of 2 O'Leary plaque index scores)


  • Plaque index >15%. Patients who cannot maintain a high standard of plaque control will not progress beyond initial phase therapy

Prerequisite for referral: