Integrated Special Needs

The Integrated Special Needs department has a number of sub units that provide a range of dental assessments and treatments to patients with special needs - including physical, intellectual, mental health, complex medical and geriatric issues.

Clinical Criteria:

Integrated Special Needs Dentistry caters for patients with the following conditions (or multiple conditions in a milder form):

Medically compromised patients who meet one of the following criteria:

  • There is a significant risk of a medical emergency


  • there is a significant risk of the proposed treatment adversely impacting the patient's health


  • it is beyond reasonable expectations that the general dental clinic would be able to appropriately manage this patient


  • Severe hearing or visual impairment combined with another condition
  • Profound intellectual disability
  • Severe physical disability
  • Mild to moderate intellectual or physical disability combined with another disability or complex medical condition

People with behavioural problems who meet the following criteria:

  • Dental phobic where multiple treatment attempts have failed
  • Severe behavioural issues combined with any of the above

Impaired cognitive function:

  • Severe impairment combined with another condition mental health condition
  • Severe clinical condition, with a written confirmation of a medical practitioner and/or having a case manager
  • Mental health illness combined with another condition

Patients living arrangements are also a factor in determining suitability for a referral to the Integrated Special Needs Clinic:

People in Supported Residential Care or Community Residential Units should meet one of the following criteria based on the Residential Classification Scale (RCS);

  • RCS 1-4 plus Mobility C or D
  • RCS 1-4 plus Mobility A or B plus Understanding and Undertaking of Living

Activities C or D

  • RCS 5-8 eligible if meeting one of the other criteria in this guideline
  • Patient within a psychiatric care or mental health facility plus another condition
  • Homebound patients, where impossible to access any dental facility
  • Patients with home-based carer plus another condition


Prerequisite for referral: