Health promotion officers

Dental Health Services Victoria works in partnership with organisations and community groups to achieve sustainable oral health outcomes for Victorians. Our programs target communities with greatest need and aim to reduce factors that may negatively affect their oral health.

Oral health promotion programs

Healthy Families, Healthy Smiles

Healthy Families, Healthy Smiles

Healthy Families, Healthy Smiles is a Dental Health Services Victoria initiative aimed at improving the oral health of Victorian children aged 0–3 years and pregnant women.

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Smiles 4 Miles

Smiles 4 Miles logo

Smiles 4 Miles is an oral health promotion program implemented in early childhood settings in partnership with local organisations.

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Healthy Together Victoria Achievement Program

Healthy together victoria

Have you heard about the Healthy Together Victoria Achievement Program?

The Achievement Program supports schools, early childhood services and workplaces to create healthier environments and recognises their work to improve the health and wellbeing of their communities.

DHSV helped to develop the benchmarks for healthy eating and oral health.

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Resources for you

DHSV resource library

DHSV has produced a range of resources which support community professionals to incorporate oral health into their work.

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Eat for health

Eat for health is a one stop shop for information about eating well. It houses the Australian Dietary Guidelines (2013) and includes a range of resources.

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Healthy Eating Advisory Service

The Healthy Eating Advisory Service, run by Nutrition Australia Victoria Division, offers information and support on food and nutrition and the provision of healthy foods and drinks.

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Victorian Action Plan to Prevent Oral Disease 2020-30

This plan provides a framework for activity to achieve good oral health for all Victorians by 2030.

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Oral health profiles for local government areas

In partnership with the Victorian Department of Health, DHSV has developed oral health profiles for local government to become more involved in promoting oral health.

View information on Local Government Area oral health profiles.

Rethink sugary drink website

Have a look at the Rethink Sugary Drink website to find out just how much sugar is in various drinks.

Visit the rethink sugary drink website

Information for your community

Full DHSV resource library
DHSV offers a number of oral health fact sheets, tip cards and guides on how to care for teeth at all ages at our resource library.