Diabetes educators

Despite an increasingly strong body of evidence, many patients and health care professionals are unaware of the links between oral diseases and diabetes. Diabetes educators can help their clients to maintain better health by developing greater awareness of these links.

Resources for you

CPD – oral health and diabetes

DHSV has helped produce a training package for diabetes educators to increase awareness about the associations between oral health and diabetes. This is now live on the Australian Diabetes Educators Association (ADEA) e-learning platform, available to all ADEA members across Australia.

View the Australian Diabetes Educators Association e-learning platform

The links between oral health and general health

Studies show that poor oral health is connected to major chronic diseases. This report released by Dental Health Services Victoria explains how dental health is linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, stroke, dementia and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

Read the links between oral health and general health

Eat for health

Eat for health is a one stop shop for information about eating well. It houses the Australian Dietary Guidelines (2013) and includes a range of resources.

Visit the eat for health website

Information for your clients

How to brush guide (includes denture care)

Caring for gums and teeth 0-6 years

How smoking affects your mouth

General dental health advice

Translated oral health information

Full DHSV resource library

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