Pharmacists are easily accessible and trusted professionals who can support better oral health in the community by providing advice, products and referral for oral health conditions.

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Pharmacy teams supporting oral health

This factsheet is designed to support pharmacists and pharmacy teams to provide patients with accurate oral health advice, products and referral.

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Joint Position Statement on Oral Health

This joint position statement by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (Vic), Dental Health Services Victoria and Australian Dental Association (Vic Branch) provides a foundation for pharmacists and the dental sector to work collaboratively to support better oral health in the community and consequently better general health.

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The links between oral health and general health

Studies show that poor oral health is connected to major chronic diseases. This report released by Dental Health Services Victoria explains how dental health is linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory illnesses, stroke, dementia and adverse pregnancy outcomes.

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Referring to dental services

Public Dental Services

Dental care is provided at The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne and over 80 community dental clinics across the state. To access general, denture or specialist care through the public dental system, patients will need to be eligible. Anyone can receive emergency dental care through The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne.

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Private Dental Services

Some patients may choose to attend a private dentist. Patients should ask about fees when making an appointment. To find a local private dentist you can do a search on google or visit the Yellow Pages.